Monday, 11 November 2013

Eureka 15mm Bushmaster preview

I received a sneak preview pic today of the Eureka '300 Club' Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle. The PMV was sculpted by Mike Broadbent. Kosta Heristanidis is working on stowage, a remote turret, and IED jammers, and Alan Marsh is completing the infantry. Woohoo!

Nic at Eureka thinks the range may be ready for general release early 2014. You can place preorders for the Infantry here and the Bushmaster here.

  • 300MOD50 Australian with EF88 (8 poses)
  • 300MOD51 Australian with EF88 and LAW (2 poses)
  • 300MOD52 Australian with EF88 and UGL (2 poses)
  • 300MOD53 Australian with F89 Minimi (4 poses)
  • 300MOD54 Australian command team, standing – 2 figs
  • 300MOD55 Australian command team, kneeling – 2 figs
  • 300MOD56 Australian sniper team, with helmets – 2 figs
  • 300MOD57 Australian sniper team, bush hats and ghillie suits – 2 figs
  • 300MOD58 Australian Carl Gustav team – 2 figs
  • 300MOD59 Australian GPMG team, firing – 2 figs
  • 300MOD60 Australian GPMG team, patrolling – 2 figs
  • 300MOD61 Australian EOD team  – 4 figs, I dog
  • 300MOD62 Bushmaster

Suggested pricing: Figures $0.80ea, AT and GPMG teams $3.50ea, dog team $4.50 ea, Bushmaster $15.00 (all $AUD, add 10% for GST).


  1. Nice model !!
    (in this scale, it must be very small !)

    1. All the quicker to paint...

    2. Glad you think so. I get through my Bolt Action guys considerably quicker than my FoW guys. I guess I'm just getting old and the eyesight is failing. :P

    3. What do you mean, 'guess'?