Friday 9 February 2024

Epic post

Space Marine was my first exposure to GW in the early '90s. Now Legions Imperialis tries to take up the mantle. I had some Dark Angels, but ultimately ended up seduced by Imperial Guard. Titan Legions was nice to me as well. And I had a copy of Space Marine Battles, the WD compendium- I spent hours poring over that. I sold all my stuff to someone in Perth, I think, about 20 years ago. I don't regret selling them, but I do wish I'd taken more and better pictures. These following tiny pictures are only a part of what I had- if only you could see my dozen nicely painted Titans- Warlords and Reavers and Warhounds, oh my. I wonder what battles they had after they left my command...

The Imperator was the crown jewel of my collection. Hand painted banners and an extra large purity seal.(I've shown her off before but wanted to again.) 


Back then, I didn't have the painting stamina I later developed, so not everything is completed. You can see I was influenced by the 'red phase' of 'Eavy Metal. Everything had to be visibly colour coded for organisation. Love me some Goblin Green bases. Man, I have the nostalgia for those Rhinos (and the Land Raiders, sadly no photos...)

Somewhere, I lost the turret to the magnificent Capitol Imperialis. Another hand-painted flag based on classic Rogue Trader art.

Capitol Imperialis



Imperial Guard Company

Imperial Guard with Inquisitor and Commissar


Dark Angel Razorbacks

Imperial Guard Vindicators

Imperial Guard Predators

OG Thunderhawk- the flying refrigerator! Dressed up as a Hind.

I have never had any passion for knights.

Knights Errant

Knights Lancer

Knights Paladin


  1. I can't state how awesome this post is, I totally love every bit here. I've been telling to myself for ages that I'd love to get back to Epic, but I never seem to find the right moment. This post is highly encouraging!

    1. I'm glad you like it, and I hope you can get some small scale games going!

  2. Titan Legions was the first buy of, pure, GW that I made (We had Space Crusade before it). It was a voyage that took many years and hundred of pounds. Space Marine army with some guard. All 4 chaos armies, Eldar and the lovely, lovely, lovely Tyranids. The Tyranids, obviously, were my favourites.