Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Harrying of the North- Saga report

A Saga battle- Clash of the warlords- 6 points Normans vs Anglo-Danes.

Northern England, late tenth century. Ealdorman Godwin's Anglo-Danes stand against the Norman invaders... learn more about the Harrying of the North here.

The club's light-narrative Saga campaign continues. My Anglo-Danes face a bow-heavy Norman force, led by William the Bastard himself.

  • Ealdorman Godwin
  • 2 Hearthguard (Dane axes)
  • 3 Warriors
  • 1 Levy

  • William the Bastard
  • 1 Hearthguard (mounted)
  • 4 Warriors (bows)

William's army is allowed to have an excess of bows. Quelle fromage! My only chance was to advance swiftly across the open ground and close with him before his arrows did too much damage.
Setup- The Normans cower in a corner.

The Norman occupation force- Warriors in front, Hearthguard and William behind.

Turns1-3: His Massed Volleys destroy my levy and most of my warriors. Storm of Arrows is very effective for William the Bastard. I try to pile fatigue on him but without too much success.
The Levy have been destroyed by ranged fire.

The Anglo-Danes come closer...


...while the arrows take their toll.

Turn 4: A depleted and angry pair of my warriors sacrifice themselves against the right of the Norman line, but without destroying a unit. My overstrength Hearthguard damage (but don't destroy) the adjacent bows, but are cut down to a man by a devestating counter-charge from William and his mounted Knights.
The Hearthguard hack into the Norman line...

...but are cut down by a mounted charge.

Turn 5: The warlords face off- Godwin's mighty axe unhorses William for victory!
William (far right)- honour demands he charge Godwin!

But horses and axes don't mix...

This was close- the ranged abilities of the Normans had me on the ropes, and the only chance I had to take William out in hand-to-hand combat paid off.

Getting in early for International Tabletop Day!


  1. Good looking army Barks. I don't mind a one sided army like those Normans once in while but they aren't much fun on a regular basis. I'm glad to see you gave the fromag-y Bastard his just deserts.

    1. Yeah, I'm not too fussed about it at this stage. It will be interesting to see if it is a viable choice in other scenarios.