Sunday, 1 June 2014

15mm modern armour- BTR-80 Part 2

In this post I'll show you how I weathered my Zvezda 1:100 BTR-80s. Again, there are many different techniques that you could use, but this is my current technique. To see how I got them ready for this stage, see my post here.

I use Woodland Scenics washes for my weathering. They're grittier and more pastel than, say, Army Painter washes. They dry quite flat. I water them down and apply to taste, trying to get more in dirtier areas- wheel wells, front plates, and dust build up at the junction of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

First, paint chipping using the sponge technique and German Grey. Concentrate around areas of wear and tear. It shows up best against the tan stripes.

Then, an all-over wash using Woodland Scenics C1221 Raw Umber. This tones down the model and acts as mud, oil and rust all in one!

Next I do a pin wash using Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone, with a particular focus on hatches.

Finally, another all-over wash using Woodland Scenics C1217 Concrete to represent dust build-up. I  apply this over the hull and turret, and work this around the tread on the tyres. I drag off excess with my finger.

Finally, detailing. Black to the vision blocks. Light blue-grey to the headlights. Dark grey to the gun, and then drag a lead pencil over it. Dark grey to the smoke grenade covers. Dark red to the brake lights. Done!



The final wash tones down the vehicle and ties it into the ground, but at the expense of tabletop presence. I'm rarely happy painting vehicles. My infantry have developed into a higher contrast 'pop', but my vehicles devolve into a labour-intensive attempt to get them looking like a 1/35th centrepiece. I think they lack a little je ne sais quoi on the tabletop. Maybe I should emphasise the highlights more.


  1. I think the finished product looks great - very gritty & 'real' feel to it. Excellent work!

  2. Very nice Barks it looks really good.

  3. Great result Barks- it's posts like this that I find really helpful in filling in vast gaps in my modelling/painting knowledge. Thanks!😀