Friday, 30 January 2015

Blood Bowl Monkey

This was one of those rare paintjobs that turned out exactly as I had pictured in my mind's eye. I think it would be a cool Chaos Pact goblin, and pairs nicely with my flying monkeys.

I sculpted the banana out of green stuff, look out Perrys!

This says 'Monkey Bowl III' on the base, and was listed at Impact! Miniatures as Football Chimp. I don't know what or where the Monkey Bowl is/ was, and would be interested to know. I picked it up as a prize somewhere along the way.


  1. Cool. And the banana is assuredly the twelve player on the field.

  2. Very cool - nice work on the eyes!

  3. How big is the primate? A fraction bigger than those flying monkeys Id say (possibly due to their porous, honeycombed bone structure).

    He looks great. Monkey Bowl III is a good name for an event.

    1. He comes up to most figures' middles, and is a little larger than his feathered cousins- they're both on 25mm bases. No side-by-side photos, I'm afraid, the evolved simians were given as a gift to a girl, what was I thinking...