Friday 2 October 2015

15mm rogue androids

The Ghosts of Hefei scraped through its crowdfunding goal a couple of years ago, and the miniatures associated with it just came out.

I believe these were sculpted by PF (check out his blog). They are mounted on 20mm washers. They are well proportioned, finely detailed figures. The heavy weapon droid is wearing an oni mask and is a head taller than his (its?) colleagues.

I don't know if these will be more widely available in the future, but are very compelling generic figures.

There are some hackers and enforcer figures as well, I will put them up here when I get them done! In the meantime, check out my Department figures.


  1. Very cool! That Oni mask adds a lot of character!

    PS Come on over to my blog and play the Tanktober game - a new tank every day for the whole month!

  2. Very nice - missed these on KS.