Thursday 28 January 2016

CanCon 2016- Halflings play Blood Bowl!

The Wild Flings!

I took my new Halfling team, The Wild Flings, to CanCon for the Blood Bowl tournament. Pics of my team can be found here.

(Eight games over three days, progression, 1 000 kgp, full inducements except no cards, Swiss)

My starting team was two treemen, nine 'flings, one reroll. My intent was to keep my team value very low to allow me to induce Deeproot Strongbranch and a Master Chef every round.

Day 1:

Game 1: Peakie's Chaos Dwarves, The Mad Hatter's Tea Party. I lost 2-0 and sustained 5-0 casualties, luckily nothing serious.
The trees punch a hole for the 'fling with the ball to waddle forwards!

Game 2: Wesdrum's Lizardmen, The Lounge Lizards. An interesting match up, which I managed to lose 2-1. Memorably, Deeproot threw one of my 'flings into the crowd...
Can the 'Flings score from here? (No)

Game 3: bor1s's Dwarves, The Nuffbar Nutpunchers. Two dwarven teams on one day? I only suffered 4-1 casualties, and lost 2-1 again.
The Nutpunchers strike down the wide zone

Day 2:

Game 4: Devil's Reject had his incredibly unlucky Pro Elves, The Turquoise Turtles, but was still able to beat me 3-2. That's four losses in a row now...
A stoic 'fling line faces down the elven passing game

Game 5: I played against Freckle's Halflings, G.N.O.M.E. 'Fling on 'fling action! She went for a bigger team, but I was able to induce Deeproot and the Chef, and cracked out a 2-1 win! Woot!
Timber! A mechanical tree takes down Deeproot Strongbranch

Game 6: I played against Big A's intimidating Khemri, but was able to hold him off to a 1-1 draw.
A tree catches the ball!

Day 3:

Game 7: Another Dwarf team! I did well against Dreadful Dan's Bola Profrandas, having him 2-1 down, but then he scored in the very last turn to equalise- I was robbed!
'Flings move into the dwarven half of the pitch

Game 8: Against Vimes' Nurgle, The 48th Legion. This time, I robbed him of a likely 3-2 win, coming away with a 2-2 draw. Vimes say's he'll put up a special report on this truly tense, fun and exciting match on his blog in the near future.
One 'fling stands alone against the horrible Nurgle
Overall results:

One win, three ties, four losses. The Wild Flings came 28th of 36 teams, which isn't last! Woohoo!

The overall winner was Chopper and his Undead, The Immortals.
The champion's trophy

Thoughts and conclusions:

I really enjoyed playing the 'flings. The pressure to win is off, and you can just enjoy yourself. I'd have loved to get another win in there, but I can be happy with their performance.

I was pleased with my starting roster, which worked perfectly as intended. I was (just) able to induce Deeproot and the Master Chef for every game. Three trees are very hard for an opposing coach to overcome. I got Puggy Baconbreath out a few times as well, and he shone in my last game.
Puggy Baconbreath

I acquired the Grab skill on both my treemen, which was useful as they often Took Root, but I do wonder if Break Tackle would have been more flexible despite their movement of two.

I will definitely play the 'flings again!


  1. Great paint job on the halfling team

  2. A great result for a first outing with Halflings mate. Shame I never managed to see them in the flesh.

    1. No worries, it was great to give them a run!