Friday 3 February 2017

CanCon 2017 Part 3- What is good in life?

Not just seeing old friends at the Blood Bowl tournament,  I caught up with other gaming companions. Here's some of my 'local' club, the Newcastle Legion, on Red Shirt Saturday:

And these reprobates are at the Australian Wargame Bloggers' Meet-up. Later we had drinks and I had a short chat with Millsy and Kaptain Kobald. Paul of the Man Cave couldn't make drinks, but he was about. Check out their blogs through the hyperlinks!

Finally, here's my loot. I was very restrained in getting actual figures!

  • Tokaido, a boardgame I have been thinking of getting for a while
  • Hospital Rush, one I picked up on a whim for next to nothing
  • An Eldritch Horror expansion
  • Some Goblintown walkways, cheap at the second hand stall
  • Dragon Rampant
  • Some Vallejo paints
  • A 1:144 ish V-22 Osprey
  • Assorted dice
  • A Napoleon figurine
  • Some movement trays from Knights of Dice
  • I also got some Testors Dullcote.

PS: To round off a huge hobby week, I was very chuffed to receive a runner-up place in the AHPC theme rounds for some 20mm samurai who, I hope, will grace this blog later. The theme was 'East', to be interpreted at your discretion. See the other winners here.


  1. I have to confess that meeting up with fellow bloggers and friends at Salute has became a highlight for me; always good to see what others are up to. Well done on the runners up spot, an excellent entry.

    1. It certainly enhances the social aspect of our hobby.

  2. Great to see you again John, and you were remarkably restrained in your purchases! Congrats again on the well deserved Runner Up result.

    1. I was a little hampered by space restrictions due to flying down! Also, I blame you and Dux for making me get Dragon Rampant.

  3. I was also restrained in the loot stakes. Does that constitute a trend? :-)