Friday 9 March 2018

Perry TravelBattle

I wasn’t long into the Analogue Hobbies Paining Challenge when I unexpectedly acquired a secondhand copy of the Perrys’ TravelBattle. It tickled my paint gland and so I took a detour into 8mm Napoleonesque figures.
The Red Army

Defending the farm

The Brigade Commander studies the battlefield

Guns lay on their targets

Heavy cavalry wait in reserve

The thin red line

Blue columns

Blue elites

A grand battery

Blue cavalry

Blue commander

Blue army
Light cavalry scout a cottage

I say Napoleonesque as the two sides are identical sculpts. I followed Aly Morrison’s lead and painted a Red force and a Blue force, with blue and red facings and flags respectively. I haven’t seen any White or Green forces, but they or others could easily be done. The figures have a lovely toy soldier aesthetic, which influenced my simple basing scheme.

But wait! There’s more! TravelBattle also includes a 10x20” game board with roads, hills, fields, woods, and buildings.

When I got this secondhand, the red force had already been assembled. Painting crossbelts on the second row of troops is not fun...

Next week I'll put up a little battle report and my thoughts on this game.


  1. How do you find the rules? We played it once and found that they weren't as clear as they first appeared, which was annoying given the simple nature of the game. I can't remember where the fuzzy bits are now, and the only person in our group who had a copy sold it.

    1. There are certainly fuzzy areas. I’ll attempt to get some thoughts together for my next post.

  2. I am curious to know how the game plays as well. I'd seen the game when it first came out, but was just thinking of it last week for some reason and wondered how it plays.

    (Probably because I was looking at the Perry site for... something...? and noted all the little bits are sold separately... the mind started wandering and dreaming and thinking about what I could use them for... and then I though, "well what about the game they're actually made for!?")

    1. They’re super little figures! I’ll put up a report of a game next.

  3. Looks good all painted up...looking forward to see how it’ve peaked my interest...

    1. It is a fun aesthetic, Darling. A few more pics next time.

  4. A nice looking game, love your beautiful units!

  5. I hadn't heard of TravelBattle before. I love the idea, and the elegant simplicity of the miniatures. I'm looking forward to hearing your views on the gameplay, Barks.