Friday, 8 March 2019

Blackstone Fortress- Goodies

I enjoyed painting the nine adventurers from BSF. They're characterful, well-sculpted figures that explore some less common areas of the grimdark galaxy.

Janus Draik, Rogue Trader

He's got some great aristocratic swagger. I was inspired by Russian Napoleonic officers for his colours.
Janus Draik

Amallyn Shadowguide, Biel Tan ranger

I've always liked the Biel Tan colours, and was glad for an opportunity to paint an Eldar. I almost didn't paint the thorny vines on her cameleoline cloak, but am happy I did. I also think the gems and crystal came out well.
Amallyn Shadowguide

UR-025, definitely a robot and not an AI, no way

UR-025 is a 10 000 year old AI masquerading as a dumb robot because AIs are anathema to the Imperium. He wants to learn from or team up with the AI running the Blackstone Fortress. I went for an industrial yellow which I'm happy with.

Rein & Raus, ratling deserters

I painted these guys like the 95th Rifles. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of the back details which include a mini fridge.
Rein and Raus

Espern Locarno, Navigator

Navigators are sanctioned psykers from dynastic houses grown powerful from their ability to steer through warpspace using their third eye. Their icon is a diamond eye.
Espern Locarno

Taddeus the Purifier, Priest

Spreading the good word with his gun-skull at his side.
Taddeus the Purifier

Pious Vorne, zealot

Vorne has a combined flamethrower-chainsword, of course. She can dish it out, but cannot take much damage herself.
Pious Vorne

Dayakh Grekh, Kroot tracker

Lastly, Grekh is a Kroot. I like the earthy tones and poncho which give him an Old West feel.
Dayakh Grekh

I've had a few games of BSF now. It really is a dungeon crawl in space, with the characters slotting in neatly to tropes of wizard, rogue, elf archer, cleric, etc., before heading back to the village to recover and buy equipment. Not bad, and there are expansions coming...
Blackstone Fortress adventurers
The hard part is choosing which four to take on an adventure.

Skull-o-meter™: 12


  1. Great work mate, really impressive colours and detailing.
    That Navigator is the bomb!

  2. Nice work on them all. They all look fab especially the Kroot and the Robot!

  3. Lovely. A really nice standard of painting and clean finish.

    1. Thank you, Phil. They are very nice sculpts to work with.

  4. Awesome. I find it really enjoyable to see the different schemes you used. Terrific results

    1. Thanks, Suber, it was good to go a little off piste.

  5. Fantastic painting as always, Barks.

  6. Oh, These look Amazing! I need to get on with painting MINE!?