Friday 16 December 2022

Journeys in Middle-earth: even more heroes

Heroes from the 'Spreading War' expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth. I used a fair amount of Contrast on these. I tried painting the eyes but it is far from my best effort there. The LEDs are quite unflattering!


Fréahild, Rohan Shieldmaiden

Calaminth Took, hobbit


Beorn and The Great Bear

Rénërien, daughter of Círdan the shipwright

Spreading War

The Great Bear is an underwhelming sculpt. I  can't explain how Fréahild became a Shieldmaiden of the forgoil, but I do think she could have got a bigger sword. It's not a miscast; there's a tiny scabbard on her left hip.

The matte varnish is still drying in these photos, with a greyish residue in the crevices.


  1. There are some quite interesting design chices among these. I think Dwalin is my favourite from this batch, but they all look great, even the bear!! You did a fantastic job :)

    1. Thanks, Suber! I'm quite keen to get them to the table at some point and try them all out.