Friday 28 June 2024

Five Parsecs. Campaign Game 18. A secret revealed

 Last time, in Hive Primus...

Gallius Marbec's resolve to unmask his mysterious opponents is unquenched, despite the death of Julio Rybeck and the injuries to his other companions. Marabec leads his reluctant team deeper into the Underhive...

"Down here will be proof of our enemies!"

Chugger runs forwards, enraged by what he sees!

He uproots the hated totem,
but is distracted from approaching swift movement...

Xenos! Terrifying monsters slide out of the gloom!

Chugger swats them back but more erupt from hidden passageways!

"Fall back!" cries Marbec.

Roma guts one of the monsters with her sword

Chugger takes the foul totem with him.

Impossibly, Akenz fights off three xenos.

The last beast hisses and withdraws under a crossfire.

Marbec returns to safer levels. His crew are rattled by what they have encountered, and can barely explain it to Venda and Lady Heldycryn in the sickbay.
Is this blasphemous totem the proof Marbec needs?

Gallius decides it is time to leave. His crew are loading supplies into their shuttle when the hangar bay doors explode inwards...

To be continued!


  1. Hmm, looks like there were some really tense moments there! I always enjoy your reports!

    1. Thanks, Suber! It wasn't as bloody as I anticipated- I should fix that!

  2. Genestealers want some of Chugger's genes

    1. I think they're pretty simple genes...