Friday 25 November 2011

... and your little dog, too!

Something a little different? These were painted as a gift, as a change, and as an excuse to get hold of some flying monkeys!

Witches from Reaper (02029 Princess Elena and 02682 Selmarina)

Flying Monkeys from Eureka.

Gaming-wise, I'd use Song of Blades and Heroes for these critters. I need some good guys for them to terrorise...


  1. If you've read the books or seen the musical (it's not bad, but no Spamalot) you can add Russian/Cossack/Gypsy/Baltic types as filler.

  2. "Oh miss Elphba your Beautiful"

  3. Cheers, I was thinking of some Westwind Gothic Horror Cossacks for Oz guards