Monday, 29 July 2013

Three go mad in the woods

I had another game of Mansions of Madness recently. We replayed the survival scenario 'A matter of trust', on a variant board from last time. Would this time end any better?

As Ashcan Pete, I found a sniper rifle, but never got to use it- I was having more success beating cultists over the head with a shovel. Meanwhile, Mandy Thompson went mad and set stuff on fire, luckily including several cultists. Unluckily, she also set me on fire and I burnt to death* (again...). But then she was overwhelmed, and a cultist ate her face. Her sacrifice, however, bought time for Michael McGlen to run away- he'd already dropped his tommy gun in a panic and gone insane (who wouldn't after barely defusing a landmine they'd stepped on?). But he couldn't run from the flying Mi-Go, which picked him up and dropped him to his death...

* whilst I was holding a fire extinguisher! Oh, the irony!

Pics from The Dwarven One

Meanwhile, can you hear the sound of another project?

"Damned funny. Like a train... in the distance..."

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