Saturday, 3 August 2013


"The sentries report Zulus to the southwest. Thousands of them."
Colour-Sergeant Bourne

Dwarfing the mightiest!
Towering over the greatest!

Zulu is an absolute film classic, and an inspiration to generations of gamers. I plan to scratch my Zulu itch over the next few weeks.

I intend for my project to be manageable. I've found variant rules and scenarios for the boardgame Battle Cry for Rorke's Drift and Isandhlwana (here and here respectively), by Bayernkini. This gives me a finite number of figures to aim for. (See my earlier Battle Cry project here.)
Rorke's Drift- Battle Cry
Isandhlwana- Battle Cry
I've already got a head-start. I painted these Esci Zulus a few years ago, but never got around to basing them. I used a wash of Woodland Scenics Raw Umber, I recall.
My project requires:
  • 79 Zulus (to be based)
  • 40 British infantry
  • Chard, Bromhead, Pulleine, Durnford
  • 3 Natal Native Horse
  • 1 Artillery piece and crew
Quite manageable, I'm sure you'll agree, especially as the largest part is mostly finished already. (Nifty coincidence: number of Zulus required: 79. Number of Zulus I have: 79). I'll be using HäT plastic 1/72 figures for the rest. I haven't sourced the artillery yet, that may take a considerable back seat. I'm planning to use speed painting with washes.

PS: had to include this-
Imperial soldiers (via TD124)
PPS: Got a little gaming in. Tried two games , both new to me, set in the fantasy city Cadwallon: Guilds of Cadwallon, and City of Thieves. Good straightforwards fun. Also dusted off an old favourite, Race for the Galaxy.
City of Thieves

CoT: my green guys about to fail to pull off a heist

Guilds of Cadwallon


  1. Excellent! It's great to be able to grab something languishing on the shelve and get it on the tabletop.

    In our current Maurice campaign, a fellow is running a Zulu nation army of irregulars. He's kicking @ss, and it's great to see a horde army like your Zulus!

    1. Cheers, Monty! I do like a good horde, and am really enjoying this project.

  2. I should watch the Michael Caine film some time. Apparently it's gorgeous, and not nearly as racist as you might expect.

    1. It's a cracker, you must watch it and let us know what you think!

  3. Ah...tell me you're gonna get the Warlord/ Empress minis of the characters from the movie. They are actually pretty cool

    1. I'm afraid this is a 20mm project- but if I was going 28 I'd get them for sure, they're lovely. I'll be using them for painting references, still.

  4. I like all those Zulus ! Impressive !

  5. Guilds of Cadwallon looks really interesting... Will you do a more in-depth review (here's hoping you haven't already done that and I have missed it and so am embarrasing myself)?

    The zulus are really well detailed, and the painting is sweet - 1:72:s are waaay to small for me. So, here's the 1 million uuu ess dee-question: How the heck do you make the paint stick to the polyethylene-plastic that is legio in the 1:72-world (esp. Zvezdas plastic - impossible to get primer to stick).

    Of course, considering the look on the minis depicted above, there is always the possibility that they are lead?

    1. I'm not planning to review those games above, but follow the links to BGG for everything you'd ever need to know about them.

      Smaller's easier to paint, there's not as much detail! Mine are plastic, I prepare them with a soapy warm water wash, but you could do more:

    2. Thanks for the link! I will give the historical 1:72's one last chance, with a soapy wash (as suggested)and another brand of primer and we'll see :)

  6. Nice Zulus John :-)


    1. Cheers mate, never regretted that investment!

      I'll teach you how to play this next time we catch up, you'll love it.