Sunday, 25 August 2013

More Blood Bowl Dwarves

As part of the B9 Tourney swag, we received three dwarves- two from Stonehaven, and one Shadowforge. I picked them up at Eucalyptus Bowl in July, and was able to paint them before the B9 event. I wasn't initially sure how to paint all of them.

The first (from Stonehaven) was easy- he became a straightforward barman, and nicely complements my existing barmaid (from Four A).
White wine spritzer?

Because Dwarf teams need Bloodweiser Babes- right?

I had a flash of inspiration when I realised that the next figure (also Stonehaven) reminded me of Derek Zoolander!
Ridiculously good-looking

And so the Blue Steelers were conceived. I've already got a dwarf team, the Kneecappers, but now I could get a Shadowforge one... The miner could be Grim Ironjaw, or Flint Churnblade. I went for astrogranite basing, which is dull but would complement the team's mining backstory.
Clearly she shaved her beard

At the B9 tourney itself, the organiser (Babs) set up a speed painting contest if we finished our games early. I couldn't resist, and this is my finished result:
I'm quite stoked with this. She was new in her blister, and after my first match I cleaned off flash, epoxy-ed her to her base, and slapped on a coat of Skull White. After my second match, I swiftly and neatly painted the skin, clothes, hair, and flocked the base- in about 40 minutes! (no glue to the base, just Goblin Green and dunk in flock!) After the third venue, I added a few shades and highlights over 10-15 minutes, but most of the work had been done. I smugly received the Speed Demon award for this effort, but admittedly the only other entrant was Babs and he partially disqualified himself by being the organiser and not playing all the matches. Yay me!


  1. Congrats! I love your dwarf team and the Nurgles below. I've never played BB but damn this looks & sounds fun. I must find someone in my area who plays this.

    1. It's a fun game, I hope you find an opponent!

  2. perfect and funny dwarves and "nice" girls !

  3. The barman..ummm, I mean bar-dwarf, looks great.

    1. Cheers, BW, he's a useful generic figure.

  4. Cool swag and nice job on the speed paint.