Saturday, 17 August 2013

Zulu! Speedpaint redcoats

First trial figure

HäT British Infantry. Prep and base to taste- after a soapy warm water wash mine were PVA'd to 20mm washers and then the bases were built up with some filler and sand. I didn't de-flash these figures at all. I use a bit of wood with magnetic tape on it to hold my figures for spraying- it allows me to easily get to all the underhangs. I believe I got this idea from an old White Dwarf, actually.
Natal Native Horse in the background

Colours used (Derivan Minis unless otherwise noted):
  • Army Painter Skeleton Bone spray
  • Vallejo MC 70.995 German Grey
  • Prussian Blue
  • Roman Red
  • White
  • Celtic Green
  • Light Chestnut
  • Flesh
  • Silver
  • Desert Stone
  • Vallejo 73.300 Sepia Shade wash

These are your magical time-savers

  1. Basecoat Army Painter Skeleton Bone
  2. Boots grey; trousers blue; jacket red
  3. Webbing, piping etc. white. Green to collar tabs and cuffs. I blocked in all of the epaulettes, then filled in the middle with red and did the piping on the trousers.
  4. Rifle: brown with grey metalwork. Grey for the bayonet scabbard as well.
  5. Flesh, sideburns, bayonet. Touch up the helmet with Desert Stone if required.
  6. Sepia wash. I paint this on, and try to brush away any pooling.
  7. Flock to taste

I've slightly refined the process since these pictures were taken. I do the boots at the same time as the rifle (Step 4), and I paint the buttons and belt buckle gold (Step 5).

PS: I was this close to having posts titled 'Zulu3', 'Zulu: Resurrection', 'Zulus vs. Redcoats', 'ZvR: Requiem', etc.


  1. Nice work, certainly gives a good effect. Are you in touch with all the old dinosaur gamers up in Newcastle? The ones playing ancients in 25mm ?

    1. Thanks, Doug! I think I've crossed paths with that bunch (Novocastrian Battlegamers, IIRC), but I do more of my club gaming with the Newcastle Legion. Why can't we all just get along?!

  2. Super quick then :D Nice job

  3. Great job. And, you have all those nifty titles yet to be used on future posts!

  4. Very inspiring Barks. They look great. I really need to do this to have a chance of getting my next battle fought with actual figures.