Friday, 14 October 2016

Halflings get thumped at Blood Bowl

I took place in a mini-BB league recently, six progression games in six weeks. I could only make four games, and thought (foolishly) it would be good to take my halflings for a run. Ouch.

My starting roster was two Treemen, ten Halflings, one reroll. My strategy was to induce Deeproot and a Master Chef each game, which I was able to do.
The Wild Flings

Match 1. The Mariners (Human). 3-1 loss. I always enjoy playing my old opponent, Vimes. I got a hilarious TD at the end of the first half where the ball bounced from player to player before I caught it next to the end zone. After that, the league went downhill! I suffered 5 casualties and handed out 3.
Mariners vs Wild Fling

Match 2. The Queens of Lorien (Wood Elves). 4-2 loss. Despite their relatively weak armour, I lost this game to attrition against the Woodies, suffering 6 casualties.
Halflings try to stop the agile Wood Elf play

Match 3. The Zharr-Naggrund Bankers Union (Chaos Dwarves). 2-1 loss. Halflings struggle against Chaos Dwarves- they're faster, tougher, hurtier, and ignore your Dodge skill... I suffered 6-0 casualties, including two deaths, so I think I did OK to only lose by one TD!
Brave Halflings try to stem the Chaos Dwarf onslaught

Match 4. Ursurer's Guild- (Chaos Dwarves). 4-1 loss. What's worse than a Chaos Dwarf team? Two Chaos Dwarf teams! This match was a slaughter. I was so close to conceding, and I don't think I've ever done that before. I suffered 9 casualties... thankfully, the league ended!
Desperate Halflings run the gauntlet


  1. Ouch, that really was bruising, but great to see the team take to field.

  2. God bless ye for trying to make it with Halflings. They're so tasty!

    Your highlight reel really made me laugh. Anyway, count yourself lucky for having a regular BB league!

    1. It was only a super short one, but you have to support the game!

      I wonder what effect the new release will have.

  3. hey, Halflings Are a great team... you just have to know how to use them

    1. Playing two Chaos Dwarf teams successively can crimp your style...