Friday, 28 October 2016

Blood Bowl Elves

A bit of a blast from the past today, from 2005. I don't have anything new painted, so here is more of my progression through Blood Bowl teams. These were my fourth team, Pro Elves from ShadowforgePro Elves, or just Elves, are neither High nor Dark nor Wood, although these girls have stood in for a High Elf team as required. Their team name is I Seldi Serci Suluo. I was nerding it up big time, and this is (I think) Quenya for The Maidens of Blood Bowl. Really.
Blood Bowl Elves from Shadowforge
I went for a white and silver scheme, because many other teams at the time were very dark with black undercoats, and my girls would stand out get noticed. I learned a lot about painting white from this team- note the blue and grey shadows. I think it was the first time I used a white undercoat. I'm pretty sure I used enamels! They're showing their age with a bit of chipping, and my painting style has changed/ improved.

While I was doing the Blitzers I was thinking about how their eye sockets looked like gas masks. I was thinking of filling them with a clear resin or varnish, but somehow got the idea of using clear sticky tape, and was able to use it on all the other elves as well. I can really see the elves having high-tech helmets to protect their beautiful faces. It has held up over all the years!

Elf blitzers

Elf throwers
There are only two catcher poses, so I used paperclips to add variety to this important positional with prancing, leaping poses.

Elf catchers
Line elves
I made this conversion from a Reaper figure, to represent Star Player Princess Moranion. I'm really happy with how she came out. Milliput!
Princess Moranion

...and her hair

Reaper 02808 Taryn, Spearmaiden

The support staff have flowers from Milliput. If I ever get around to it, I’ll make some more flowers to add to the players’ bases so you can swiftly see extra skills (e.g. ‘All the red flowers are Block’ etc.). The last cheerleader has a very weak ribbon holding her up and she suffers from chronic droop.

Elf coaches

Elf apothecary

Elf cheerleaders
I must mention that this team won ‘Best Painted’ at the inaugural Eucalyptus Bowl, with a monstrous trophy. Still stoked.

I refined my playing style using these girls. They’re agile and fragile, so you have to make a fast offense and a stalling defence with depth, ready to switch to the offense when your opponent makes an error. Getting ‘Dump off’ on a catcher is great fun. They remain my all-time favourite team so far, being an economical, fast and agile team. I wonder if I will prefer Slann when I get around to them?


  1. That's a great looking team, Barks. I find it really hard to paint white and have it look nice, but somehow you've pulled it off fabulously with these!

  2. You have outdone yourself, Barks. Those elves are magnificent. They are so girly, just looking at them makes me feel like I'm getting an avocado-lanolin face exfoliation. Your conversion work (like that Reaper spearmaiden) is inspired. I hope they bring you a lot of luck on the pitch.

  3. Lovely job mate! You've put together some great teams over the years. Somehow though, I don't think we have ever faced eachother across the pitch! I hope that changes soon mate

    1. Cheers, Paul- I'm trying to see if I can make it to CanCon in Jan.

  4. Another gorgeous team mate. I'm unsurprised by you picking up the award. The amazing thing is I can think of 2-3 other teams you've done which I think are even better!

    1. Thanks, Millsy- I'm not a contender now, the teams that win are gorgeous.

      2005 was a good year for me- I took out another painting prize with my WW2 Soviets, so it was a big morale boost all round and reaffirmed my enjoyment of painting.

  5. Nice work Barks - and congrats on the trophy!

  6. They rather remind me of those "Lingerie Bowl" novelty football teams. These are all painted with enamels? They look pretty good, all things considered. I never got results like this with enamels.

    1. Thanks, Allison. The white and silver were enamel, the rest acrylic IIRC. Never again...