Friday 11 November 2016

Blood Bowl- Khemri

Another Blood Bowl team from the past. The Khemri are by far the quickest team to paint! They're good to game with, because they teach you the value of a 4+ to pick up the ball. I have done a two-turn TD with this team- once.
The Entombed Raiders

Blitzers (left) and Throwers (right). (I don't know where that black box came from!)


Mummies/ Tomb Guardians

Star Player

Team Coach

Reroll and turn markers

The skeletons are from Warhammer plastics. The mummies, coach and scarabs are all from Reaper.

My painting mojo has disappeared, hence no post last week and a few retrospective posts rather than anything new. Also, I'm moving house which does tend to upset things. Hopefully back to normal programming soon!


  1. Your team looks very nice. I really like the star player and the coach. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Sean, I think they're a nicely thematic team.

  2. Very nice indeed mate. Love the star player!

  3. Great job mate - they look great! That must have been some hot dice to 2 Turn with those guys - Ive only ever been able to grind out my TDs.

    Went with a Chinese theme for something different for my Khemri, but if I ever do another one I will definitely go this sort of style:

  4. Good luck with your house moving! As a miniature painter, I would find moving very stressful -- so hard to safely transport so many little men!

    Anyway, I love the team. Although all the colours are fantastic, I was particularly struck by your simple skeletons. They are a lovely shade. If you don't mind, I would love to know your formula.

    1. Thanks, Matt!

      The skellies are simple: Woodland Scenics raw umber earth wash over cream, then a cream drybrush.