Friday, 13 October 2017

Zomtober- Last Night on Earth survivors 1

Here's my first batch of survivors from Last Night on Earth.

Becky is appropriately dressed in protective clinical attire similar to many nurses I have known. I added some shotgun shells to her base.
Becky, Nurse

I worked out a quick way to do denim: blue-grey, followed by Army Painter Blue Tone.
Johnny, High School Quarterback

I did a little OSL on the reverend's arm.
Father Joseph, man of the cloth

Sheriff Anderson's got a bit of Rick Grimes going on. You can't really see it properly, but I added a stripe to his trousers.
Sheriff Anderson, small town lawman

Denim again on Sally.
Sally, high school sweetheart

Jenny, the farmer's daughter. Pure cheesecake.
Jenny, the farmer's daughter

I like that the flare gun and gas can tell a story, although I don't think you can use them like this in the game.
Billy, the Sheriff's son


  1. Note to miniature designers - zombpoc survivors aren’t going to be naughty nurses and sexy farmers daughters! Jeez

    Great painting and some cracking characters in there though Barks, I love the flare gun/fuel canister combo

    1. It's very much the initial outbreak, B-movie vibe. It gets worse- wait until next week...

  2. Great stuff! Is Father Joseph related to Father Ted? I see a family resemblance...

  3. Nice painting. Also nice sculpts for zed survivors from a movie set somewhere in....

  4. Excellent work Barks, and I am really impressed with the quality combined with quality. :)

  5. Lovely job on them all. Love the figure with gas can and flare gun. Like you say it tells a story!

  6. I used to own the game (really hard for survivors to win) and know how (not very) detailed those models are. The fact you've got them looking as awesome as you have is testament to your skill.

    Well done sir!