Friday 22 December 2017

Blood Bowl Wood Elves

This is my 300th post on this blog!

I’m happy to present my Wood Elves, The Fangorn Forest Entwives:

The team is by Greebo, and were a bit fiddly to put together. They are slender metal figures, and many have multiple parts with no decent points of attachment. The patterned uniforms are not sharply demarcated on the castings.

My favourite figure is the Thrower- I like how she’s looking backwards as she hands the ball to her bird. I added some weights underneath to better balance the miniature.

Wood Elf Thrower

The Wardancers are the centre of any Wood Elf team, and are sure to be targets. I didn’t realise that they had these gymnastic ribbons initially, and thought they were offcast mold supports! I can’t believe they haven’t fallen apart yet, the points of attachment are tiny...
Wood Elf Wardancers

Similarly I’m waiting for the Catchers’ arms to fall off...
Wood Elf Catchers

The Line Elves are fine. I decided not to have any blondes. I gave them tights rather than bare legs to provide a new colour and reduce the amount of skin I'd have to paint.

Wood Elf Line Elves

I tidied up the Cheerleaders and Apothecary after Buttockgate earlier this year.
Wood Elf Cheerleaders

Wood Elf Apothecary

The Entwives will see their debut at CanCon in one month! And now I can concentrate on the Challenge.

Update! Jan 2018

I was very pleased to receive the Best Painted Team award at CanCon 2018. I added a Treeman, which was repainted from my Halflings. I repainted anything that wasn't bark- the clothes, greenery, armour, and the eyes. I added some freehand swirls to make it match the elves a bit more.


  1. Happy 300th post mate! Another cracking team but then I'd expect nothing less. Hope to catch you at CANCON. I'll be there Sat / Sun and doing a pub dinner Sat night.

    1. Cheers! I’ll aim to catch up on the Sat.

  2. Brilliant stuff Barks, what an awesome Elven team