Friday, 15 December 2017

Mansions of Madness- Beyond the Threshold expansion

Akachi Onyele is a shaman, and I love her hair and the bright primary colours. Wilson Richards is  a handyman, and I like his drab utilitarianism with moustache and shotgun.

These women are in thrall to a malignant intelligence, and remind me of Akira! I do think they are a bit more 1950s than 1920s, but I'm not an expert in early 20th century women’s fashion.

I painted these in February for AHPC VII, but somehow they have evaded my blog until now. I’m clearing my desk for AHPC VIII!

(That’s just a figure of speech; actually my desk is overflowing with figures for the challenge...)


  1. Nice job on these. It's a great little game with the app, we had the first edition and the new version is much better, with no need for anyone to be on their own little side.

    1. I’m a fan. I’ve played way more second than first edition.

  2. Lovely work especially the Shaman.

  3. Beautiful painting as always mate. They look smashing!

  4. Excellent work, especially on the shaman(ess). :)