Tuesday, 30 January 2018

CanCon 2018 Part 2: Pictures, loot, friends

This was the 40th CanCon. CanCon has now spread to a third hall, which meant things weren't as packed as previous years. There were more food vendors, which was a relief.

Most importantly, we had the Aussie Wargames Bloggers meet-up, where numbers were down compared to previous years. Millsy, Kaptain Kobold and myself caught up for a photo during the day and later we all went out for dinner with friends on Saturday night at the Ducks Nuts.
Kaptain Kobold, Millsy, and self.
Being busy coaching Blood Bowl, I didn't get a leisurely look around. Here's some pics of demo games I saw:
French retake Marseilles in 1944 
Skirmish Sangin

28mm ACW using Longstreet

I picked up some goodies from Slave 2 Gaming. My eye was also caught by their 18mm Teddysburg ACW range, and some lovely 54mm WW1 figures.
18mm Teddysburg

54mm WW1

I took a number of photos of scenery that caught my eye. Many of these are not in-progress games.
Chain of Command

CoC hanging paratrooper

Knights of Dice MDF terrain

Batman: The Miniatures Game

CoC Brécourt Manor





I missed taking photos of a very impressive 6mm Team Yankee game based on the Soviets doing an amphibious invasion of the Jutland Peninsula, with some monstrous air cushion landers.

I was walking past the Age of Sigmar tables when they had their armies on display:

The second hand stall was in a much larger area this year, but I didn't pick anything up.

I did buy a few boardgames, particularly some escape room and puzzle games which I've enjoyed with The Skirt Swisher previously.


  1. Sorry I missed it mate - as always the social part is the absolute highlight for me!

  2. Any chance of a bit of a review of the escape room type games? Not entirely my sort of thing, but Mrs Kobold and my daughter love those kind of puzzles, and my daughter is a live escape room aficionado too.

    Also - 'skirt swisher' :-D

    1. They’re one-off games. I’ve played them with two players, but I think three would be OK. They have been fun (hence I got more), but there are differences between the two series:

      Unlock uses an illustrated numbered deck of cards and an app. You could combine (say) the key #21 with the chest of drawers #3 and get #24, a code. Later enter the code in the app to see what happens. The app also times you; you have one hour and mistakes are penalised. The company has some small demo print and play games on their website. Once you’ve finished the game you can pass it on to someone else.

      Exit has better puzzles, but the game requires you to cut and tear components, so you can’t pass it on.

      Shut Up and Sit Down did a good review of the two series.

      Re: Skirt Swisher- coincidentally, HG Wells came up in my RSS feed today! https://www.kotaku.com.au/2018/01/hg-wells-practically-invented-modern-tabletop-wargaming-2/