Friday, 4 December 2020

Assassinorum Battle Report: Phase 1

++Inquisitorial Report++

++Ordo Sicarius Eyes-only++

++Unauthorised access is a sin++

++ The High Lords of Terra duly authorise a Level Delta Assassinorum mission against a Sorceror Lord beholden to the Ruinous Powers. Stop him before he completes his unspeakable ritual.++

++ Execution Force Operatives ++

Callidus Assassin

Eversor Assassin

Culexus Psychic Assassin

Vindicare Sniper

++ This will be a two phase mission. ++

++ Phase 1: Infiltrate the renegade base. Locate, activate and utilise the Teleportarium to gain access to the Sorceror's profane temple. ++

++ Phase 2: Assassinate the Sorceror Lord. Failure is not an option. ++

++ Phase 1 pict-report ++

++ Click to embiggen ++

So, I got Assassinorum: Execution Force to the table. What a little gem of a game this is! Perfect for solo play, you control four assassins sneaking into a Chaos base looking for a Teleportarium and its Control Room. There are sentries, who follow predetermined but slightly random paths printed on the board. Staying out of their line of sight isn't necessary, but they will swamp you if you are incautious- or unlucky. Random event cards spice things up (usually badly)- and the more alerted guards there are, the more cards come out.

Should you split up or stay together? Incautiously race to find rooms or risk running out of time? Slip past the guards unseen or take them out? All up, it is a fun puzzle with simple mechanics that tells a tense story. The automated sentry rules are simply excellent.

I think I'm going pretty well here. Luck has been with me: I've found the necessary rooms and eliminated thirteen of fourteen guards so far. I'm coming through the teleporter with three Assassins simultaneously and I haven't taken a single wound! Time is ticking, however...

Next week: The gripping conclusion!

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  1. Oh, that's nice! I like your Assasins and the game looks fun. I don't think I have read any review, so I'm glad to hear your thoughts about the game