Friday, 28 January 2022

CanCon 2022

After a pandemic hiatus, CanCon was back for 2022. It suffered from dealer and participant uncertainty, not to mention not enjoying a public holiday long weekend, and was reduced in size. However, it still felt and looked like CanCon and there were a few new traders. It wasn't as blisteringly hot as previous years, either.

Entry was (cheaply) ticketed for the first time, to allow for venue capacity limits and attendance tracking with QR codes. Masks were compulsory. The second hand stall wasn't as mosh-pit-like as usual due to this, which was great!

I didn't grab a lot of photos, but concentrated on scenery which grabbed my attention. The system which was booming was Star Wars: Legion.

Crashed walker

Crashed flyer

Crashed pod

There was a bit of Bolt Action as well.

Battlefield Accessories continue to reinvent themselves with photo-realistic pre-printed MDF. They also have backdrops you can see in these photos.

There was a participation game which I think was the 1941 Battle of Fallujah, with the British Habbaniya Brigade (including Gurkhas) having to capture and hold a bridge from the Iraqis.

My loot: A few impulse buys and second hand bargains.


  1. Nice boards, I can see some pretty good stuff on those pics!

  2. That Vietnam Anzacs book is a good little read. I keep it to hand when as an easy reference for modelling or gaming with ANZAC forces.
    Nice grabs with those Ad Mech too! Easily the best faction ;) I'm a long way out of 40k these days, but whenever I see the steel and red robes I am sorely tempted.

    1. There were a few bargains I snaffled up.

  3. Good stash from Cancon! Congratulations!
    Thanks for the pictures, looks like even though it was a smaller event there was good stuff to see and bargains to have been had...

    1. I shouldn’t compare the savings to the costs of going down there…