Friday, 21 January 2022

Eldar Rangers

I've always liked these 1989 Jes Goodwin sculpts, and found some on eBay. I did them in the white & green Biel-Tan scheme which I think is quite striking, and made their camo cloaks reversible.

Thirty years of scale creep. I'm not the only one affected by the snapping of this rifle, and haven't got around to fixing it.

"Stay away from me and my son!"


  1. I have always loved these minis too, I find your approach delightful, the cloaks are inspiring!

  2. Wonderful job. I had a single one of these back in the early days of the first time 'Necromunda ' came out,the figure played as an Eldar scout terrorizing the underhive. He went away when quite a bit of the collection was sold. Great color scheme you have going on the figures.

    1. Thanks, I like the idea of a lone alien survivor.

  3. Scale creep, now I see it. Wow.