Friday, 7 October 2022

How I painted liquid hot magma

I 3D printed some vats from Stellarscapes (PLA Ender 3 0.12mm). They had a textured content, which I wanted to paint like molten metal. I thought I would paint it fiery colours on a white undercoat, then drybrush black over the top for a magma-through-the-cracks effect like my balrogs.

I started with a white Vallejo primer, then used Army Painter Speedpaints. I used the dropper bottles for a few drops of Fire Giant Orange and Blood Red onto a still wet Zealot Yellow base. The colours bled into each other in a very satisfying tie-dye fashion, and I let them dry. I was so happy with the effect I decided not to add a dark drybrush layer.

Texture is nicely visible

Zealot Yellow

Five drops of Fire Giant Orange

Two drops of Blood Red
It spreads out more and lightens as it dries

Ready for last week's battle

The texture helps the effect. You could probably get some cool effects with other colour combos- greens and blues for examples.

I had these sitting on the kitchen bench. The Skirt Swisher came past and did a double take of amazement and disappointment when she realised I had not, in fact, whipped up some crème brûlées.


  1. Nice tutorial it looks pretty good!

  2. Very neat effect. The fast paints are a great add to the inventory. Will you share your menu for the brulee's?

    1. I go to a restaurant and shout, 'Garçon!'

  3. That seems toon easy to be true!😄

  4. The skirt swisher and I had the same first impression... Mmm creme brulee! Maybe we were both just hungry...

    Seriously, I love technical tricks that don't involve hours of laborious crafting and give good results. These turned out looking very nice!

    1. Gives me enthusiasm to do more, knowing how easy they can be.

  5. Very nice, but now I'm just thinking about the painful absence of creme brulees in my life...