Friday 24 November 2023

40K Sisters of Battle vehicles and Combat Patrol

I pulled my finger out and finished off the last miniatures to make a Sisters of Battle Combat Patrol- a Rhino and a Penitent Engine. I used some of the new-ish Army Painter metallic speedpaints, which were like using a watery metallic. They'll do better with a busy textured surface, and you could get some interesting effects with different undercoats. I used AP Dark Tone to add more contrasts to the silver.

The Penitent Engine has a lot of detail behind its tortured pilot- I just left it black and hope the shadows hide the omissions. I do like the overkill of combined circular saws and quad flamethrowers on a top-heavy mech. I like the subtly buried skellie on the base.

Penitent Engine

The Rhino is a GW classic shape, and I've never had a 28mm one. There were a few gaps in assembly which I could have done a better job of rectifying. I tried a bit of a wash, but it turned into a horrible grey mess. I think I was able to salvage it with drybrushing and edge highlights. I used a bristle to make an antenna- it is subtle, but adds a satisying something.

Sisters of Battle Rhino

The rare white Rhino

These two vehicles give me a bona fide Combat Patrol, ready to burn out heresy!

Sisters of Battle Combat Patrol


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I restrained myself from adding blood to the whirling blades.

  2. I really like them all, and I'm fascinated by the way you painted the Rhino, I believe it's quite a fantastic work with white!

    1. I think it came out OK- not quite a UN peacekeeping AFV!

  3. Liiks good Barks! i'm using Citadel Air paint for dark steel toes - thinner than regular paint but thicker than Speed / Contrast paints. IMO - some good results

    1. I've heard good things about Vallejo metals as well.