Friday, 20 April 2012

WotR Day 8- The North

Onto the forces of good! Today, I tackled The North- reminiscent of A Song of Ice & Fire, but not. These are a mix of the Dunedain and the men of Lake-Town and Dale. I started with a bit of a Robin Hood vibe, but then went for the grey cloaks of the Grey Company. They're not quite dour and po-faced enough for my liking (I think it's the pale green), but they're done.

Colours used: my dark grey mix; GI Green; Battledress Brown; Smoke Grey (for the banner details); Gunmetal; Dark Chestnut; Burnt Brown; Forrest Green; Afrika Brown (skin); Unbleached Cloth (for the arrow fletchings); Battleship Grey for the warrior base. Walnut dip.

The North- Leader and Elite

The North- regular chap
I'm happy with the way the colour scheme is consistent between the elites and normals, it ties them together. I made up the banner colour scheme of light-on-dark grey- I don't know if it's kosher, someone let me know if not.

I also did a bit of base-work today towards Gondor. I've decided not to dip Gondor, because they should be a quick black/ dark grey/ silver job. If I do Rohan tomorrow, I can put in some more work towards Gondor when I'm bored of greens and browns. I'm on the fence as to dipping the elves.

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