Monday, 16 April 2012

Eureka's new 15mm modern Russians!

I've just been in Melbourne and made time to go to Eureka's storefront, and had the usual enjoyable time chatting with Nic Robson. Amongst other new and upcoming stuff, he showed me his new 15mm modern Russians- they're just lovely. Impulse buy!

These are a joint effort between Kosta Heristanidis and Alan Marsh, based on a 300 Club request.
The figures have a mix of Sphera ('Spaceball') and 'normal' helmets. They are wearing fur-collared jackets and simple webbing. They do not appear to be wearing body armour. Most of the AKs have a solid stock, but some of the RPG-22 firers have slung AKs with folding stocks. The figures are crisply cast, animated in a variety of poses, and have textured bases.

Edit- new, better pictures.
AKs with Sphera helmets
AKs with 'traditional' helmets
Marksman rifles
PK MGs, prone
AKs with underslung GL
AGL, HMG, Mortar team
I don't know if there are any command/ NCO figures to come. Do the Russians have a SAW/ LMG equivalent like the RPK in their squads anymore? There's a delightful plethora of GPMGs in this release.

I understand there are still half a dozen more figures to be produced, which I understand will have face covers. It may be a balaclava, or...
Sphera helmet with Maska face guard

Nic tells me that there will be Chechens in 2-3 months. Based on the quality of these Russians, the Chechens should be similarly excellent.

Please let me know if I've made any errors in weapon identification! Similarly, I'm in no position to comment on units (Alfa, Spetsnaz, Vympel, OMON etc.), precise period/ location, or camouflage, and look forwards to being enlightened!


  1. Wow! Amazing news. Did he say when they will hit the site?

    1. I think it'll be about 2 months, but you should email him via the Eureka website.

  2. They'll be a must have, thanks for this!

  3. Thanks for the new pics. I used a couple in my blog post that links back to yours.

    Agreed Mr Lurker, a must-have and I am holding off buying any 15mm troops for Alcovia until these come out.


  4. Strange that these have not shown up on their website yet...

    1. Drop Nic an email, I'm sure he'll give you the latest info. I think they were available at US Historicon last month.