Monday, 9 April 2012

WotR Day 3- Prep- spray

Only one horse didn't stick to the stick, but I was able to lay them all out on newspaper and spray them early in the morning before the breeze starts.

I got 99% of the way there before I ran out of spray, so there's some underdone areas under the trolls and oliphaunts. I'm considering touching them up with some brown paint, but I may just leave it and hope that the base coat and dip do my work for me.

Figures sprayed with 'Leather Brown'

Three days of toil, and only now I'm ready to start painting? That's why I hate prepping.

I painted a trial elf and orc- I'm just not brave enough to go into the dip without a test run. I did these light in colour and somewhat recklessly compared to my usual layered techniques. I felt dirty, but if it works it will be quick- which is the goal. I chose these figures because they come from opposite ends of the spectrum, insofar as one will be light and one will be dark.

All paints are Derivan MiNiS (now OOP...), unless otherwise noted.

Skin: GI Green
Armour: Gunmetal
Shield: mix of Battleship Grey and Black. Derivan don't do any sort of panzer grey, unfortunately.
Eye of Sauron, eyes: Roman Red
Orc basecoated

I don't know if the eyes will show up through the dip, but I'll give it a try. I don't get good coverage from the Gunmetal, I usually have to mix a tiny amount of black with it but this time I didn't bother. We'll see what result we get.

Horse: White with Battleship Grey hooves and Confederate Grey mane and tail.
Saddle: RAF Blue
Armour: Silver
Shoulder pads: GI Green
Skin: Flesh
Helmet, Sword hilt: Gold
Arrow fletchings, Hair: Desert Stone

Elf basecoated

I'm trying to use a limited palette for each faction, to help tie them together. That was one of the reasons I used the same colour for the elf's hair and arrows- I had been considering brown hair, but wanted to really lighten the figure compared to the Shadow forces. I considered adding a bit of detail to the quiver and saddle, but held off for now.

Tomorrow- trial of The Dip!

PS: on a technical note, does anyone know why I get horizontal lines on the close-up photos? I'm just using an iPhone for the diary shots. I think it's something to do with the background and the lighting, but would appreciate your input.

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