Saturday, 30 August 2014

Blood Bowl Goblins

The Little Green Streaks

It's been several years (2010?) since I got this team, and I finally got around to finishing painting them for a tourney which kicks off in ten hours. I struggled with the difficult colours red, white, and yellow, not to mention this first foray into green skin, along with the eclectic armour and equipment not suiting a factory-line painting process. Thank goodness for deadlines, otherwise I'd get nothing done. I'm very glad to have them finally off my painting table.

These were the chaps who spent two years in paintstripper... The goblins are from Neomics (with some exceptions noted below), and the trolls are from Willy. The goblins have such great cartoonish character- dopey, terrified, cruel, sneaky, lunatic! The trolls display this brutal, hulking, stupidity.

Goblin linemen:

I won this figure at a tourney many years ago. He's from Goblinforge: Peewee Cyprus. There's a fine piece of nylon paintbrush bristle in there, I don't think he'll stand up to the rigors of gaming, but he's a great character sculpt.
Goblin with tackle
This chap's Fatgoblin from Hasslefree. He's my coach/ veteran player.

Secret weapons:


I enjoyed painting not one but two big guys, but did find the sculpts a little busy. I filed down and greenstuffed over the ornately sculpted faces on the knees and shoulderpads on the troll who isn't tossing a goblin. They're on 30mm bases.

I'm taking these to the Gosford Gauntlet tomorrow- I've never played goblins before- I'm going to get smashed..

I'd like to add some more details like numbers, and maybe some red stars like on my coach- what do you think?

There's a few more sculpts I haven't painted yet- I just did enough for my tourney team- these other sculpts will eventually show up here, but don't hold your breath!


  1. Great team Barks! I've wanted a Gobbo team for ages but haven't gotten around to it yet

    Good luck in the Gosford Gauntlet - looking forward to hearing all about it!

    1. Thanks, Paul! They're a classic team, been on my backburner for ages. As for the tourney... they predictably behaved unpredictably!

  2. Fantastic team mate. Ive just taken the plunge into BB myself.

    1. It's a polished game, with a great community! See you on the pitch!