Sunday 31 August 2014

Blood Bowl- Gosford Gauntlet 2014

The Gosford Gauntlet! (and wooden spoon)
This is a roughly annual event on the Central Coast, about an hour north of Sydney. This year it was held at the Dark Dimensions comic store.

I took my new goblins, whose special rules push the limits of the ruleset (not to mention good taste and sportsmanship!). They were predictably unpredictable and there was mayhem!

The details: four rounds, resurrection, 1.2m including 1FF, max 1 star, plus six basic skills. The Little Green Streaks were two trolls (Guard, Strong Arm), Chainsaw with Dodge, Ball & Chain with Mighty Blow, Pogo-er with Sure Feet, Bombardier, 8 Goblins (one with Sneaky Git), 3 RR, 4 FF, Cheerleader, Assistant Coach, Bloodweiser Babe, and 3 bribes.
The Little Green Streaks
First game was against Georgiechristo's well painted Orcs, Da Waaaghndaraz. My Bombardier got me off to a good start by knocking over his ball carrier, and I took it away to a 2-0 win, despite suffering 6-0 casualties.
In the distance a lonely gob goes for the TD!

Next games was against Creature- who'd also brought the Orcs! Waaagh Futbol took me down 2-0, but it was still a lot of fun with a 6-5 cas count his way.
Pogo-er has the ball, it went downhill shortly after this.

Third game was against D'Arquebus' Nurgle, The Malingering Misfits, and I couldn't wade through their defence. I almost scored, but a Pestigor with Tackle took me down on the line. 2-1 cas to D'Arquebus.
Pogo has the ball as the Fanatic slaps the Beast of Nurgle!

Final game was against Sumbloke, who capitalised on some of my early bad luck to win 2-0 with his Dark Elves. 1-1 casualties despite my best efforts.
Dark Elves skip around the goblin defence

So, how was my first outing with the gobs? 3 losses to 1 win was about as well as I expected to go. I never felt I got the most out of the secret weapons, which have their distinctive quirks. Maximum bribes is recommended! Stunty dodging is always fun, and the Trolls take a bit of getting used to with Really Stupid and Loner. All up, not for the faint-hearted or ultra-competitive!

There were eleven players. My Goblins, and Ogre, Chaos Dwarf, Dwarf, Dark Elf, Pro Elf, Human, Underworld, Nurgle, and two Orc teams. Rabid, Creature, and Sumbloke took out the top places, then D'Arquebus and Sangraal. I think I came seventh or eighth.

Some other pictures of other games:
Dark Elves vs Underworld

Rabid's Chaos Dwarfs vs Humans

Creature's Orcs vs Sangraal's Dwarfs

Vimes' Ogres and Snotlings- Polar Bears and Penguins!


  1. Great stuff! I love BB. Nice looking team, good job!

  2. Love your team! It looks like a day very well spend. This game is so colorful, I must try it some time.

    1. It was a long day, but good to see mates again.

  3. Sounds like a great day out - congrats on the win with a new Tier 3 team!!!