Sunday, 24 August 2014

Our Town Model Show 2014

My town, Newcastle, is sometimes (confusingly) referred to as 'Our Town'. Hence, the Our Town Model Show (organised by the Our Town Scale Modellers' Association and the Our Town HO Model Railway Club), an annual event for scale modellers, model railway-ers, and us hanger-on gamers. I stuck my head in this year and took some pics.

The highlights are the model railway displays. I really like the ones which showcase country Australia, but there are so many other good ones as well.

Newcastle Railway Station

The real deal, c.1956
Can you spot the 'roo? Vegetation as, well, vegetation.

Hot Fuzz!

I like a bit of whimsy, but 'Traintasia' goes a bit OTT...
I would love to do an American horror game on this setup...

There were lots of ship models, including radio control ships in a huge paddling pool.

There were scale planes, vehicles, and some sci-fi stuff. There were also lots of diecast vehicles.

1:6 scale radio control tanks

Battlestar Galactica
Lots of floor space is given over to retailers, principally for model railway bitz. Model railway hobbyists may have a larger community than us gamers, but by gum their stuff is expensive.

This about a third of the floor space
There was also a bit of Lego, including a Wayne Manor with Batcave that was too blurry to show- sorry!

The Novocastrian Battlegames club had static displays.

B-movie shenanigans using A Fistful of Kung-Fu

28mm Feudal Japan

20mm WW2
There was also a Helm's Deep display.


  1. What a show, it seems to have everything; warships in the pool just looks amazing!

  2. Could not spot the 'roo, but I say this: Train-dudes sure know their terrain!

    1. It's a little blurry... but you're right, they sure do.

  3. Every time I see a post like this, I'm floored by the amount of talent there is in our hobby!

  4. Is that the old 'Beyond Bulliac' railway display which used to get trotted out at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney on a semi-regular basis? It looks familiar...

    And on a personal note, I think it's sad that Newcastle won't have a railway station for much longer. The station is one of my faves, with its Victorian architecture.

    1. I think one was '638 Mile' and one was 'Gulgong'.

      I don't think they'd get rid of the buildings, would they? Surely they'd keep them for some commercial purpose. I'm not a huge fan of stopping the line early, myself.