Friday 6 September 2019

Batcave menagerie- Bats, Bat-Cow and a T. rex

What animals are in the Batcave?


First- of course- bats. I'm looking forwards to stymying villains' plans with a swarm of these distracting mammals. They were some quick and nasty drybrushing and look fine en masse.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Secondly, a robotic Tyrannosaur. In Batman #35 (1946), Batman and Robin encounter a robotic dinosaur which is later brought to their trophy room. It is a staple item in every Batcave illustration, along with a giant penny and a giant playing card. It can be controlled to help defend the cave.
T. rex


Batman #58 (2019)

Batman Eternal #25 (2014)

Detective Comics #850 (2009)
I primed it bone with a rattle-can overspray of military green, then a wash of Vallejo 73.300 Sepia. Some light drybrushing then details including gloss varnish to the eyes.

It is a ridiculously large and gorgeous sculpt- it still only counts as one for the Bat-tally! I can only hope I get to use it in other miniatures games.

Seriously huge.


After a raid on an abattoir, Robin rescues a cow with a bat face pattern, and christens her Bat-cow.

Batman Incorporated #1 (2012)
Batman Incorporated #9 (2013)
Batman Incorporated #13 (2013)
Batman Incorporated Special (2013)

Batman Incorporated Special (2013)
The Battling Bovine was a controversial addition to the game- critics would have preferred a serious character, and fans became a bit obnoxious with spamming of 'Moo!' comments to the haters. I do like the whimsy. I used stippling to give some texture to her fur.

Bat-tally: 201/ 215 (93%)


  1. Absolutely love these. bat cow indeed. The T Rex is awesome.

    1. Thanks, Phil, I’m quite fond of these.

  2. This is the most comprehensive Bat-collection ever.

  3. Bat-cow is amazing! So cute she can melt the heart of even an embittered night vigilante. Thank you for posting these, they're great!