Friday, 20 September 2019

Blackstone Fortress battle report- Into the Deathmaze

This is a battle report from our protracted Blackstone Fortress campaign. BSF is a dungeon crawler in space, with unusual grimdark characters filling the adventurer tropes and journeying into a mysterious alien space station to glean its secrets. They are opposed not only by creatures in the station, but also by the forces of Chaos, who want to control the Blackstone Fortress themselves. 

Each Expedition takes four explorers and throws them against random challenges and encounters. They recover items which can be traded for upgraded equipment back at Precipice Outpost, and they also discover Clues. Finding enough Clues allows you to launch another Expedition with a climactic Stronghold mission; a more challenging encounter with added scenario rules.

Here's a Stronghold encounter, Into the Deathmaze. We've launched eight previous Expeditions so have a bit of experience under our belts. On this expedition, we've battled through some smaller skirmishes and challenges to get here and are a little bruised already.

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UR-025 is certainly a powerful tanking robot. But he couldn't have got there without Locarno's sneaky sacrifice!

I won't pretend it is a fantastic game, but the setting is fun and the figures and components are superb.  To be honest, it allows you to tell a nice pulp story. The new Escalation campaign expansion looks pretty good.

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  1. What a cracking report Barks, you really do bring these reports to life.

    1. Thanks, Michael, they’re a little bit of extra fun in my hobbying.