Friday 7 August 2020

One Gandalf, many Gandalves

I was painting up Gandalf from Journeys in Middle-Earth: Shadowed Paths, and thought I would dig up other Gandalves I have procured over the years. I was a little shocked to find how many I have... and I also found two unfinished Gandalves that I had to complete.

All the Gandalves

Gandalf the Grey

I prefer the weary and grandfatherly Grey Pilgrim to the more proactive White Wizard incarnation. My older paintjobs worked up from black, but my new ones work from a mid-grey washed down with black shades and more highlights. My new ones include FFG's Shadowed Paths Gandalf, and the plastic Gandalf from GW's Thorin's Company. I like his fingerless gloves and silver scarf, but he doesn't have my favoured staff with the gnarled knob.

GW Fellowship of the Ring metal 2001

GW Escape from Orthanc metal 2001

GW Battle at Khazad-dûm metal 2002

GW Mines of Moria plastic 2005

These are my two new Gandalves, painted this week:

GW Thorin's Company plastic 2012

FFG Shadowed Paths

Gandalf the White

I'm very happy with Gandalf on Shadowfax, which is a great sculpt. It was a good exercise in shades of white with cream or grey undercoats.

GW metal 2002

I am underwhelmed with this pose. I painted the face and hair years and years ago, but finished him this week.

GW metal 2003

Little Gandalves

These are from Ares Games' War of the Ring and Battle of the Five Armies.

Bonus Wizard

Here's a plastic Empire Grey Wizard, which I painted during GW's Red Period in the mid 90s.


  1. That may be the best post title ever :-)

    1. Thank you! I know Pratchett said the plural of wizards was 'war', but he didn't have a collective noun. He also said the collective noun for witches is 'an argument'.

  2. Well that has brought a smile to my face, fabulous post.

  3. Wow now that is quite the collection, good job you have the Balrogs to keep them occupied :-)

    1. I will have to review all my Fellowship figures!

  4. This post is sublime. Oh how much do I love this. Now I'm terrified to acknowledge that I have most of these! Not all, but almost. Pretty wonderful work.

    1. Thanks, Suber! It is nice to finally have them all painted.

  5. That is a great mob of Gandalfs. Save the two unpainted ones for the Challenge. :)

    1. No, I was able to get them painted for this post! The ‘Hobbit’ Gandalf and the White Wizard on foot.

      My backlog is huge, I need the Challenge for a bit of a kick-along...