Friday 12 November 2021

Five Parsecs: Campaign Game 5. Fighting the squatters

Gallius Marbec feels good. He feels confident. At the end of their last firefight, his crew had found some armour and plenty of credits. The rival threats had withdrawn. Gallius is able to pay off the entire debt on his ship. It is time to leave the relative safety of Necromunda, and scout for opportunities in an outer sector.

The crew pilot the Innominate to Hydresar X, a pioneer world on the fringe. The trip is uneventful. After planetfall, Lady Heldycryn is able to find a possible patron- a private gas mining interest. They are troubled by abhumans squatting on one of their asset locations, and will pay the crew to force them off the site.

"Chugger! Stay in cover, you big oaf!"

The squatting abhumans fire first

Fire erupts from the ruins

Chugger goes down!

Lady Heldycryn is also hit!

Julio can't get the drop either!

Konrad flanks the Squats but they shrug off his autopistol fire

The Squats return fire and wound Konrad and Marbec!

The sole unwounded, Roma is able to get her companions back to safety. She withdraws to the Squats' jeers and taunts. The last of Gallius' credits goes to chirurgeons to keep the more seriously wounded alive, but they will still need some time to recover in the sickbay. In pain and distressed, Chugger punches a hole in the ship and hurts himself further in his confusion. The crew are off to a very rocky start on a new world...


  1. Ouch, the luck machine was unplugged! At least no permanent losses. Great looking game.

    1. Thank you! Nothing went right for my crew today

  2. Ouch! Well, this makes things interesting indeed!