Monday, 22 November 2021

Tenth bloggiversary

No-one would have believed, in the first years of the 2010s, that this blog would still be puttering on. And yet, here we are. Today is my tenth bloggiversary. I shall review the past year, peer into the next, and briefly review my decade.

The tenth year

If 2020 was my fantasy year, then 2021 has been science fiction.

I have succumbed to the grimdark, with initial impetus from Stargrave but really propelled by Five Parsecs from Home 3rd edition. Neither Killteam nor Necromunda rules have held my interest, but the nostalgic grip the setting has on me is considerable.

The crew of the Innominate. What adventures await?

I got a resin 3D printer (Anycubic Photon S) late last year. It is far from plug'n'play, but the potential is enormous. I'm not sure if it is best for unique characters and one-off models, or massive savings in printing out hordes- probably a bit of both. The ability to print a figure at whim is quite intoxicating.

My first 3D prints

The other almost game-changers are Contrast paints. I wouldn't use them for a competition entry, but for quick results they are very impressive. I'm relieved to hear Army Painter is coming up with a near-equivalent range, and will try to get this paint set en masse.

Descent heroes, with a lot of help from Contrast

Ten years in review

Looking back at my first post, my intent was threefold:

  • Inspire other gamers
  • Keep track of my hobby progress, whether that is gaming, painting or modelling
  • Allow me to occasionally offer my thoughts on an aspect of gaming

I think I have stayed admirably close to those goals. I have maintained a discipline of aiming for a weekly post. This has been achievable and has not placed me under undue hobby-stress. I have eschewed the bright lights of Twitter and Instagram, for better or worse. 

I have gone through phases and infatuations like so many of us do. I have many neglected projects, and my lead mountain is no smaller. I tend to avoid work-in-progress posts, as I know I may not finish them in a hurry... There have been some signature staples as well as completed projects of which I am proud- here are some very concise hits and memories:

War of the Ring

On the slopes of Mount Doom

Théoden King rides out

The Wild 'Flings

The Dunwich Hoppers

"Don't throw those bloody spears at me!"

Batman and his ride

Batman and so many friends...

Blood Angel terminators for Space Hulk

The Guiding Hands genestealer cult

15mm Mephisto and friend

Realm of Battle boards

Ice zombies

Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed.

Han shot first

"Painted lightsabers? This is folly, Darth."

I have found the impressive joys of modern boardgames, and been lucky to get into good boardgaming friend groups. There is a lot that boardgames can teach the traditional miniature wargamer.

The upcoming year

In the near future, I am looking forward to the Analogue Challenge XII as a spur to my painting efforts. I'm hoping to go to post-pandemic CanCon 2022. I intend to continue my Five Parsecs saga, and fire up the printers for scenery and figures. I have a special WW1 project I'm keen to reveal here soon. More of the same!

AHPC XI output

My AHPC XI journey

Happy hobbying!


  1. 10th anniversary eh, congratulations!
    Have followed your blog for quite a while and found it both interesting and inspiring. Keep it up (figuratively of course 😀).
    WW I project, to do with CnC Great War?

    1. Thank you, Darling! It was a pleasure to join the Old Gits for a game this year. I do not know when I will next be down your way, unfortunately. And yes, your suspicions are correct!

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary!

  3. Happy Blogbirthday Barks! Here's to another 10 years!

  4. Congrats on a good run, here's ro to the next ten!

  5. I'm finding there's definitely a sweet spot in the "mini-intensive board game" niche. Been playing C&C with a buddy online, and it's got be seriously eyeballing ancients.

    1. I’m a big fan of the C&C games, and I’d love to do them all in miniature.

  6. Congatrulations! I wish we’ve got Wargaming with Bark for years and years.
    Go ahead minigames!

  7. Congratulations and well done on 10 years of a great blog. Posting once a week is a big effort and I really appreciate the work you put in. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Ben! I find once a week is achievable, and sometimes I can bank posts up in advance. If I don’t make it, I don’t let it stress me.

  8. Congratulations! Your work is highly inspiring for me, every post is a pleasure. Wow, ten years! Quite a milestone, I hope you keep on bringing us more hobby for many, many years more!

    1. Thanks, Suber! I’m very grateful for your ongoing support!

  9. Has it been a decade already? Wow and Congratulations!
    I have followed most of that journey with you I think, and enjoying keeping in touch between our all too infrequent catchups.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome work over the years and here's to the next decade or two!

    1. PS Love the War of the Worlds-esque intro phrase too! :-)

    2. Ulla!

      I’ve really enjoyed the journey; thanks for coming along! Looking forward to a post-pandemic catch-up at some stage!

    3. Me too mate, and I'll see you at AHPC 12 shortly too. I'm going to miss minioning this year (which I quite enjoyed), but glad you have stepped up to help out :-)