Friday, 1 April 2022

28mm chainlink fencing

I've been neglecting this blog recently as I concentrated on AHPC XII. Last week's battle report had some fencing scenery which I made for the Challenge. My first idea was to use spare 20x100mm bases from Renedra. I also thought I could refashion the sprues as the posts. Here's my first frustrating attempt:

A lot of unsatisfying work to get to this.

Then! I recalled I own a 3D printer. I bodged some simple shapes together on TinkerCAD, an elementary browser-based 3D program.

I'm a 3D sculptor now

Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

A couple of hours later I had all the fence posts I would need. Much easier than making them from sprue... The top arms were a bit long so I cut them to size. I made some corner bases from plasticard. I cut some aluminium mesh, and secured it with twists of wire. This was fiddly. Then I PVA'd some grit, and sprayed the whole thing grey. I slapped on some browns and orange, and finished the basework. VoilĂ !

Ready for priming

64" of fencing, 16"x16"

One has a hole

I think I should make a gate*. Maybe some signs which could be swapped out depending on the game I am playing.

Robodoggies from Imitation of Life

* Opening or static? One gate or a pair?


  1. This looks fantastic, Barks. I've used nylon mesh - from window screens - for similar things. It doesn't look quite as nice as the metal mesh you've used, but it does the job and might be a little less fiddly to work with?

    I find opening doors a little too fiddly, so if I were making something like this I'd probably make it a static double gate that I'd just lift out of the way when it is open.

    In practical gaming turns and fence and gate are just lines on the table that restrict movement of active miniatures. A gate is a region that only restricts it under certain circumstances (when it is closed). When it is open it is no longer restricting movement, so I'd just lift it out of the way. (as I do with bulkhead doors in Necromunda or Space Hulk when they are opened)

    It may not look as "realistic" as opened or smashed down gates... but I find too much scatter terrain that's just there for show and no longer representing something that can be interacted with, just clutters the table and makes moving minis around unnecessarily more difficult.

    1. Thanks, Tim! I appreciate your detailed reply.

      I've got some nylon mesh that is a WIP for some 15mm fencing.

      I like your idea for a static, removable gate. Simplicity is its own reward.

  2. Wonderful stuff, they have some many uses for some many period, great effect on the one with a hole.

    1. They are great generic pieces. The hole could be easily turned into glowing, freshly melted access!

  3. Pretty effective! I like your approach. I believe Tim covered it all about the gate. I love realistic stuff on games, but I have to admit it's not practical when it comes to such structures. If you ask me, I'd go for a double leaf gate, yet static. Maybe half-closed? With a loose chain and padlock?

    1. Maybe model an open and a closed? Swap them out as required? I like the chain and padlock idea.

  4. Looks great! Are you going to run some wire along the top?

    I think that aside from a larger gate (i.e. for a car or tank), you might get use from a couple of small person sized ones.

    1. I think I’ll do a vehicle sized gate before a personnel gate, but I like the idea.

      I did want to add some top wire (and still could) but it is a bit of a faff!