Friday, 29 April 2022

Gorkamorka: Diggas

Digganob was the first supplement for 1997’s Gorkamorka. Diggas are humans who aspire to orkishness (orkdom? orkyness?) and take on the ork way of life. I picked up a mob off eBay for use in Five Parsecs/ Five Klicks and Necromunda: Ash Wastes. They will make good low-level enemies.

These miniatures are from what I think of as GW’s Silver Age. The poses are repetitive and the proportions and weapon sizes are off-putting, even for GW. They are, nevertheless, crisply cast with a lot of fine detail. They are vaguely piratical with cutlasses, earrings and black powder weapons.

Digga Shaman





Skull-o-meter: 20


  1. Nostalgic, bad I agree, but nostalgic

  2. Ohh, I remember these! I only played Orks on Gorkamorka, but I reckon these fellas gave a lot of flavour. I like your work on them. Of course the sculpts are what they are, part of an age, but that's part of their charm. You made an outstanding paintjob here :)